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With the bright lights of Hollywood shining, and the British and global film industries making waves, it’s a great time to enjoy films. Horror, comedy, romance, action and more, hit the cinemas every week, but how can you stay updated on the movie world?

You’re invited to surf over to Film Review Links, a movie blog that sees plenty of action. If you’re stuck for

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A review of American Hustle

Certainly one of the most entertaining films to come out of Hollywood in 2013, American Hustle lives up to its title – what the Mirror calls “a darkly humorous crime caper”. Its basic premise is the 1970s Abscam scandal, starring (in real life) Irving Rosenfeld, in the film played by Christian Bale. In real life, the F.B.I. actually called in another crook to help catch

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Chinese collaboration could boost the British Film Industry

The British film industry looks like getting a major boost with the opening of a new alliance with the Chinese film industry. Earlier this year the Prime Minister met with China’s top industry officials and the upshot was an agreement that promotes cooperation between the reputedly ailing film industry in Britain and the gigantic movie market that awaits in China.

In the past there has been

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Parkland brings nothing new to the JFK story

People are always ready to buy into conspiracy theories because they are more entertaining than what the truth is. This point is emphasised further by the latest gloomy film about the assassination of President Kennedy. This is an attempted strike back at the ridiculous but very entertaining JFK film by Oliver Stone.

In this film, there is no CIA cover-up and Oswald is not a government-sponsored

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Blofeld could appear in another Bond film after legal wrangle resolved

Considering that the long legal dispute has been resolved, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the famous Bond villain may appear in future 007 films. Keven McClory and Ian Fleming who developed the story for Thunderball had been involved in a legal battle since 1959 over Bond rights.

McClory asserted that he was the one who created the Blofield character. Danjaq Bond Film Company and film studio MGM have

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Diana film biography will surprise quite a few people

You may not learn a lot from Oliver Hirschbiegel’s new biographical film about the Princes of Wales however, “Diana” is a success considering it gives us an opportunity to remember the indignities that this unlucky lady had to go through.

Instead of the film giving us the portrait of a complex, well informed and compassionate woman with several millions at her disposal, the film makers turned

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Entourage TV show set to hit the big screen

Doug Ellin, the creator of Entourage, the cult US comedy series, has finally confirmed that the comedy will be turned into a film. This announcement came several months after delays due to negotiations taking place with the actors.

The series that was aired between 2004 and 2011 followed the rising star Vince Chase and his childhood friends. Some of the friends includes Eric Murphy who is

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Films for Every Occasion – Halloween

All films seem to have a time when it’s perfect to get them off the shelf and watch them again. Whether it’s something like The Nightmare Before Christmas around the 25th of December, or a romantic comedy around Valentines Day, there’s always a perfect film for the occasion – and Halloween is certainly no different.

Horror movies aren’t for everyone with scary goings-on and so much

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8 Great Easter Eggs to find on DVD

Watching a film on DVD may not offer the same big screen, surround sound experience of the cinema (unless you’ve invested quite a bit in your home entertainment system), but there is one major advantage to watching at at home: control. You can pause the movie whenever you want, allowing you to get a snack without missing the big fight scene, or advance frame-by-frame to

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Stuntman injured on the set of new Brad Pitt film

Whilst filming the WWII epic film Fury, which stars Brad Pitt and Shia LeBouf, a British stuntman was stabbed in his left shoulder using a spear. The 35 year old man was filming a battle scene when he was stabbed.

According to the medics, his condition cannot be considered as life threatening since he was airlifted from Watlington, Oxfordshire immediately after the accident. Surprisingly, there was

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Chinese Hollywood attracts the biggest stars from planet celebrity

China is going to have a notable amount of its land mass (about 5.4m square metres) turned into what might be mistaken for a chunk of Hollywood. The man everyone calls the richest person in China, Jianlin Wang, has taken a 30 billion yuan (about £3 billion) step towards creating a Chinese Hollywood, the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis.

The city of Qingdao used to be known

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