127 Hours premiere leads to fainting and seizures

Let’s talk about art imitating life, as in art so real it makes people pass out and causes seizures.  This is exactly what happened to a number of people while watching the new movie, 127 Hours.

The film is based upon the true story of a mountain climber who found himself trapped among the rocks during a Utah climb.  Aron Ralston decided to sever his trapped arm after spending five days pinned in the rocks.

The scene that caused a number of audience members to lose consciousness and at least one to go into convulsions comes when Ralston is forced to hack off his arm with a penknife.  Apparently, Director Danny Boyle, of Slumdog Millionaire fame, shot the scene so realistically that it had a physical effect on a number of viewers.

Ralston was discovered by hikers who directed rescuers to him.  The movie is based on his book about his experience.