50 Shades of Grey film in the offing

It is hardly surprising that a film is to be made of the phenomenon that is known as 50 Shaded of Grey. This series of books, dubbed ‘mummy porn’ has women across the nation glued to every word, and sales have gone through the roof since it went viral on the social media sites, with every other status or post mentioning the books. So who will play the central female lead when it comes to the big screen?

Recent reports are the Angelina Jolie wants the part, after reading the books while in the UK filming her latest film Maleficent. While EL James’ books have also become a craze in the US, the actress has been caught up in the UK fever, avidly reading the latest exploits of Christian Grey in between shots. The problem is that the statuesque Ms Jolie is more suited to playing Grey than Anastasia Steel.

The heroine of the book is a young and innocent virgin who is slowly consumed by the charms of Mr Grey, and it may be pushing it to cast a 37 year old, self obsessed, former self harming, blood loving bisexual home wrecker in the role. The film is a guaranteed hit, and insiders say the rush of young starlets hoping to capture the role could be akin to the casting of Scarlett O’Hara in the classic Gone With the Wind.

As to who will play the loin thrusting Christian is anyone’s guess, but there are many a lothario in the film world who would love to grab the chance of letting art imitate life and get paid for it. As long as the film is handled correctly is will be a huge hit, but lest we forget the fuss that was made over the Bonfire of the Vanities film, and look how that ended up.