A Film Themed Stag Weekend

So, you’re getting married and you’re planning on saying goodbye to your bachelor life this weekend, huh? Well, stag parties need not always involve strippers and night clubs. If you’re the type of guy, who by far prefers subdued stag weekends, then a film themed stag weekend could be the way forward.

Film themed stag weekend activities could focus on one, two or many movies. You can build in drinking games, dressing up and the opportunity to be creative are almost endless. An excellent example of a fun couple of movies is The Hangover and The Hangover 2. Both films, comprise the same main cast. They focus on three groomsmen, who, in the first film, lose the groom while out on a stag weekend; and in the second film, lose the bride’s brother, while out on another stag party misadventure.

You could also opt for what is hailed as the female version of The Hangover, Bridesmaids. The movie centres on the rivalry between the maid of honour, who is the bride’s childhood friend, and a bridesmaid, who is the new close friend of the bride. As they fight their way to claim the title of bride’s best friend, they, together with the other bridesmaids, have to go through their own set of challenges as they try to make their friend’s wedding perfect. Perhaps not eh? Maybe a bit girly!

Another great choice would be Bachelor Party starring a young Tom Hanks, who plays a soon to be groom, given a surprise bachelor party by his friends. Needless to say the stag do gets out of hand. A great movie.

Very Bad Things, another movie about a bachelor’s party, is also a comedy but has a bit of a dark side to it; the plot centres around a murder or two. The film starts with a prostitute getting killed by one of the groom’s friends. When a security guard finds the dead body in their hotel room, one of the other friends kill the guard. As the film progresses, they turn against each other in efforts to cover up the crime.

If you want to stay away from comedies, you can watch Stag Night. It is about four men in New York who go out on a stag night and board an underground train on their way home. In the train, the best man starts harassing two women, so his friends decide to exit in one of the stations before reaching their final destination. The station turns out to be a deserted hello hole inhabited by a gang of cannibals. Not for the faint hearted.

Oscar-winner, Sideways, is a comedy-drama about two middle-aged friends, who go on a trip to Napa Valley, California’s wine capital, as a sort of stag road trip; one of them is soon to be married. Another themed possibility.

Speaking of road trips, the movie Road Trip is another great movie to see with your friends on your stag weekend. It is about a guy in college who wrongfully sends his girlfriend a videotape of him messing up with another woman. Real lad humour and a good pace for a great night.