A little blue Smurf review

Given how Neil Patrick Harris describes it so aptly as an adjective being imprecise in nature, Smurfy is not the most helpful term for describing the animated/live action hybrid film. Of course that does not mean there is no room for Saturday morning type entertainment in 2011.

But following the uninspiring releases on big screen for Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear and Alvin and the Chipmunks it is starting to become as clear as ever that it is not in for the big screen. That is the case if filmmakers continue to take the classic characters of cartoons 3D them and then introduce them in a live action format with the results, a small amount of humor but no story or originality.

What comes out watching the Smurfs is unimaginative, derivative that wastes your money and popcorn, there is a bit of nostalgia that will be felt by the grown children of the 80s who may want to introduce the Smurfs to their children.

But director Raja Gosnell, rather than give that honour of enduring affection he props it up with a by the numbers tale. It is like a mix of Alvin and the Chipmunks mixed with Enchanted’s storyline.

We are talking about little ones, in this case about three oranges high who almost always find trouble no matter how loveable they may be and are magically transported to the Big Apple, New York City.

The voice overs are great especially hearing the wonderful Jonathan Winters again as Papa Smurf with his grandfatherly wise way with words although he is more subdued in this role. George Lopez is a great grouchy and Katy Perry makes a wonderful Smurfette.

It all boils down to the smurfs enjoying a run around the big apple and along the way all kinds the feel good morals thrown around like the importance of family and being true to yourself.