Adolf Hitler fan letters documentary

In a Russian archive that has recently been unearthed, over 100,000 letters that were addressed to Adolf Hitler have been discovered. The letters are from the time he reigned as Fuhrer of Germany and show how much he captivated the people of Germany. The letters are the subject of a new documentary film that has been made by Mathias von der Heide and Michael Kloft.

In this production, the letters are shown on the screen while they are read by actors in English. While these are being read, archived footage of events relevant to the content of the letters is also shown. The letters are shown in a time line that represents the actual progression of the Second World War. As the film covers the important moments of this period in history, letters relevant to the events being described are read out. The film is divided into several chapters.

The letters are almost entirely fan mail directed at Hitler. Some of the more interesting letters are written as manifestos or even poems. Other letters include drawings and illustrations. Details of the letters senders are attached to the letters and you can see how the letters have come from people of all ages. Some include gifts that had been sent as birthday gifts, others request items, such as a signed photograph.

Not all the letters are fan mail and some direct advice at Hitler, while others are letters of protest at the leaders actions. There are many that are pleas for freedom from people who claim to have been wrongfully detained. Some are from Jews who are asking Hitler to treat them as loyal German citizens. The film, titled ‘Dear Uncle Adolf’ is an important addition to the many documentaries about the Second World War, the Third Reich and the Holocaust.