Airplane voted the funniest film ever

Airplane, the spoof disaster film generates an average of 3 laughs a minute which, according to new research, makes it the funniest film ever made. The film, made in 1980, starred Leslie Nielsen, and featured classic one liners such as “I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley”.

The research was conducted amongst subscribers to the Lovefilm service, and they calculated the exact numbers of laughs per minute in the top 10 comedies as voted for by the Lovefilm members. A panel recorded the total number of laughs in each film, then divided it by the running time of the film to calculate each film’s precise laugh per minute rating.

With the laugh per minute score of 3, Airplane beat off the other 9 rival comedies to top the list, which was created to mark the streaming of The Hangover becoming available on Lovefilm Instant. The Las Vegas set film features the mother of all stag parties, and its arrival on Lovefilm instant was marked by it receiving a 2.4 laugh per minute rating.

With a ‘laugh a minute’ score of three, Airplane beat nine rival comedies to top the list which has been created to mark The Hangover becoming available to stream on Lovefilm Instant. Another Leslie Nielsen film, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad, completed the top three with a laugh per minute rating of 2.3.

Fourth place was taken by the foul mouthed film Superbad with a score of 1.9, followed closely by fifth placed Borat, the outrageous and most politically incorrect film ever made which scored 1.7. Anchorman came in 6th place with 1.6, and even though the Monty Python film The Life of Brian has previously topped many a funny film list, it came nowhere near Airplane when it came to laughs per minute.