Alcoholism sub plot dropped from latest Iron Man film

Reports came out that the latest Iron Man film, Iron Man 3, had been completely rewritten in recent months after directors at the studio decided that any mention of alcoholism should be removed. Originally, there was supposed to be themes where superheroes would be linked with drinking, and it was part of a secondary plot throughout the film but now, apparently, this was thrown out at the last minute meaning that there had to be a major revision of the script.

One of the original ideas was that one of the superheroes would have a problem with alcohol, and it was baked into his storyline that he would struggle with the problem, before triumphing and coming back to the top in typical comic fashion. However, the order came from high up at the studio for the script to be rewritten, with that whole sub plot out of it.

Instead, Tony Stark was written in as an industrialist who had moments of craziness and would have to come out from his mental issues in order to save the world once again. Of course, either plot would likely bring a lot of action, but it seems like sensitivity towards viewers primed over action.