All Good Things review

A new movie starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst, “All Good Things,” is a based on a real life thriller. The film tells the tale of the true life story of Robert Drust, whose name in the movie has been changed to David Marks because of legal reasons.  David Marks, played by Gosling, has a family that is involved in real estate in NYC in the 70s.  They basically own a lot of the seedy properties in Times Square.

David Marks, however, does not want to be in his family’s business and moves to Vermont with his wife Katie, played by Dunst, to start a health food store.  After much wrangling with his father, portrayed by Frank Langella, David gives in and moves back to manage real estate for his dad.

After returning to New York, David begins acting strangely.  He often talks to himself and demonstrates violent behaviour toward his wife.  Katie leaves him a number of times, only to return with no explanation as to why.

Eventually Katie disappears altogether and is never found.  All implications point to David and so, the tabloids decide to have a good go at him.  Years after Katie’s disappearance, other deaths that are consequential to the case occur and David again seems the prime suspect.

The film’s director is Andrew Jarecki.  It is a good film with solid performances by the leads and enough surprises to keep you interested throughout.

Although, in some ways it asks many more questions than it answers, it remains fairly well based in the truth of the David Marks story and is an excellent tale for those unfamiliar with his particular life story.