Alvin and the Chipmunks chipwrecked

The latest film in the Alvin and the Chipmunks series is every bit as annoying as all the rest, but the kids will love it. Despite the fact that any self respecting adult will feel, after about 10 minutes, that there is a hyperactive blueblottle trapped in their inner ear, kids seem immune to the most irritating voices ever to make it onto a big screen, and they will lap up every single banal and inoffensive minute.

There was much hope amongst adults that this third offering; Alvin and the Chipmunks; chipwrecked would be the end of these pesky rodents, but if expected box office receipts are realised, they are going to be sadly disappointed.

This time around, the chipmunks and chipettes are all in holiday mode as they prepare to go on a cruise, like you do, with their kindly owner Dave, once again voiced by Jason Lee. It all goes badly wrong of course, and they find themselves ‘chipwrecked’ on an unchartered island, as does Dave and his arch enemy Ian Hawke, a welcome return by David Cross which is the highlight of the whole film.

The humans and the animals are separated, and they must work out out to find each other and thus escape. The saving grace of this film is that we have a whole lot less time dedicated to them massacring our favourite songs, what we get instead is a soundtrack that consists of squeaked up versions of hits such as Pink’s ‘Trouble’, and this bubblegum pop being murdered is a lot more inoffensive than when it was the old classics.

Overall, this film was firmly aimed at the under tens and it shows by useless plot and rdiculous shenanigans, what the filmmakers seem to forget is that kids these age are accompanied by adults, and they must be getting back at adults for something because boy do they make us suffer.