Angelina Jolie’s Bosnian war nightmare

Angelina Jolie’s first directorial job has already ignited some controversy in Bosnia, where shooting the movie was suspended briefly.  The film is the story of love between a Serb man and a Muslim woman.  It is set against the backdrop of the bloody ethnic wars of 1992 – 1995.

The young girl and the young man fall in love prior to the bloody fighting and she is later sent to a concentration camp where he has become a guard.  The movie was suspended from shooting in Bosnia when rumours said the film was about a Muslim girl who falls for her Serbian rapist while in a detention centre.

Jolie, who has not been on set in Bosnia, but has been shooting initial scenes in Hungary, quelled the matter by sending authorities copies of the script so they could see that the rumours were not true.  Still, a narrative of love between a Serb man and a Muslim woman is not a popular topic in Bosnia.

It is reported that the film crew had initially selected around 17 sites to film at in Bosnia, but that number was cut to just 5 sites. Representatives say that Jolie wishes to meet with the women’s rights associations who took exception to the film in order to explain the premise to them and clear up any concerns they have regarding her film.

People from the women’s’ associations say that all they have right now is a promise from some of her people that she shall come.  They have heard nothing from her personally, they report, and no date was arranged for a meeting.