Angry Birds game to become a film

The successful iPhone game Angry Birds could soon become a feature film. The games company Rovio is in talks with Hollywood studios to discuss developing a film based on the game.
In the game, a group of angry birds set off to kill pigs that have stolen their eggs. Rovio is currently looking at forming the company into a franchise that could work with television and film as well as toys and comic books. Mikael Hed, the company’s chief executive, states that Rovio has been talking with various studios to see if the game could indeed be turned into a film.

Hed says that the company has begun to experiment with different methods of storytelling for the franchise. Rovio has started to tell the Angry Birds story with cartoons, and the company has hopes that the unique characters will become successful toys. A trailer on YouTube for Angry Birds has over five million views.

Still, Hed also knows that a film could take years to produce, and interest in the game may fade over time. He says that it will be very challenging to ensure that the game is “relevant when the movie comes out”. Currently, the game has a price of 59 pence in the UK, with the U.S. version costing 99 cents. Rovio has also released a free version with less features which has been download over 10 million times. As one of the most popular apps on the iTunes store, Angry Birds could soon be seen in a theatre near you.