Anne Hathaway speaks of her hopes of reprising the role of Catwoman

Anne Hathaway stated that she would be happy to take on her role as Catwoman again if she were offered by Christopher Nolan, the director of Dark Knight Rises. Hathaway stunned many movie critics and audiences for her flawless portrayal of a seductive, mysterious, and romantic woman.

Hathaway stated that it would be lovely to see embellish her Catwoman character a bit more, but it would only work if the right people were behind the project. She explained that this catwoman was made in ‘this’ Gotham City and therefore the people who created that city would have to be behind the film.

Nolan stated that Hathaway should have her own film based on her grand performance before in his reviews of the play, but now that the film is out it seems that audiences agree. Hathaway also had plenty of positive things to say about Nolan saying that he is great as a director because he trusts the actor she works with and welcomes their ideas about how a character should be formed.

She added that you have to walk onto the set with a basic idea of what the soul of your character is but that Nolan will help you work through it if you hit a snag.