Another accident on Transformers set

Fans of the Transformers movies will be distressed to learn that there has been another accident on the set.  Filming in Washington D.C. was temporarily suspended when a police SUV roared onto the set and crashed into the little yellow Camero known as Bumblebee.

Both vehicles were in chase mode, Bumblebee on script and the cop car on a mission.  Reports are that the driver of the unscripted police car was responding to a call about a possible bomb threat.  No major injuries were sustained, though the Bumblebee will need some serious bodywork.

This episode comes only a month after the accident on the Transformer set in Chicago, when an extra was hit in the head by a snapped cable and partially paralyzed.  The victim, Gabriella Cedillo, sued Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks for negligence, but the Indiana Occupation Safety and Health Administration ruled that all proper safety precautions had been taken and no fines or citations were imposed.