Apollo 18 movie on the way

The real Apollo 18 space mission was never flown by the United States.  It was cancelled because of budget concerns and there was no Apollo 18.  However, the Weinstein Company is reportedly shooting a film for March release about a covert Apollo 18 space mission.

The screenplay, which was written by Brian Miller, has the covert mission finding and filming proof of alien life on the moon.  The movie is supposedly being shot in a documentary style, similar to that of The Blair Witch Project.

Apart from the interesting premise of the film, it is also interesting to note that Warner Brothers is allegedly producing a similar film project called Dark Moon.

It happens with fair frequency that two movies are made around the same time with comparable subject matter, but rarely is the premise identical, as it was with Deep Impact and Armageddon.  It should be noted that those two films worked by pulling off very different approaches to an identical topic.

For space enthusiasts there is an even deeper challenge between these two films than how they will simultaneously address the same topic.  That is how they will each portray a clandestine Apollo launch.

As any good NASA buff knows, it took a Saturn 5 rocket to launch an Apollo spacecraft.  Those rockets cannot be launched without the entire world noticing, as they trigger seismic sensors all around the globe.

So, the really interesting question becomes, “How will they depict a covert Apollo launch to the satisfaction of space buffs everywhere?”