Arnie is back in a modern day western

He always said that he would be back, and now he is. Arnold Schwarzenegger has brushed off the scandal of a few months ago and will appear in a modern day western titled The Last Stand. The ex Terminator star will appear as a sheriff that is trying to catch an infamous drug lord who is attempting to flee to Mexico. Korean Jee-woon Kim is the director and the movie will not be released until sometime in 2013.

Earlier in the year Schwarzenegger had been interested in returning to the big screen but because of the recent scandal with his wife and family and his having had a son out of wedlock, his return to the movies had been delayed. His wife Maria Shriver has filed for divorce and since the worst of the scandal has been swept under the rug, he feels it is time to return to the big screen.

Last week a source said he is ready to return and make movies. He wants to put all the family issues behind him and make great movies. Cry Macho, was a production he was linked to, based on a N. Richard Nash novel where a horse breeder is forced to kidnap the son of his boss from the child’s own mother.