Arthur Christmas

As if the thrill of hearing Bill Nighy as the voice of Grandsanta is not enough reason to want to head out to Arthur Christmas, those who book their tickets for today will get a special treat from Cineworld with entry into a contest to win a £4000  Sony Entertainment package.

The deal is being offer by Cineworld in collaboration with Sony to help promote the new 3D electronically equipment that allows a few lucky people to bring 3D home from the theatres and make it an everyday experience for anyone with the right tools.

For those who have not yet seen the adorable adverts for the 3D adventure Arthur Christmas, the basic plot of the film centres around the North Pole where millions of elves work together with Santa and his family to help deliver toys to tots all over the world.  This year however there is one problem, despite all of the best choreography in the world, Santa has accidentally skipped a little girl and now something must be done to save her Christmas.

In a thrilling ride that follows James McAvoy’s voice as Arthur, the son of Santa, and Grandsanta, as they race to get the presents out to the missed girl in time, there are plenty of special effects to thrill both children and their parents.

The animation will likely look a bit familiar to those who enjoy the adventures of Wallace and Gromit as it comes from the same Oscar winning makers.  Also featuring the voices of Hugh Laurie, Ashley Jensen, and Imelda Staunton, the all star voice team has already thrilled test audiences and is a guaranteed hit this Christmas for families of all ages and those who want a nice dose of holiday cheer to kick off their festive season.