Ashley Judd reveals personal details

All That is Bitter and Sweet is a memoir giving a personal look of actress Ashley Judd as a child. In both an interview and from excerpts Judd talked about a childhood that was lonely and emotionally abused and neglected while always moving from home to home with the country legends the Judd’s. Little time and interest was paid to Ashley as her mother Naomi and sister Wynona were too busy trying to launch their country music careers.

The family unit was not a healthy one even though my family of origin, the one in which I was raised and born in, was full of love. There was a great amount of shame, addiction and abandonment said the Double Jeopardy actress in her memoir that is due to be published on Tuesday.

She spoke of her vulnerability growing up and that others took advantage of her and wrote that she was molested by a friend of the family as a young teenager she also was witness to inappropriate sexual behaviour between her mom and her mom’s boyfriends with drugs being very easy to get in her home.

She often times played with her mom’s gun and as a youth thought about committing suicide often. She felt it was an important part of the book to speak about her youth even though the memoir was published to describe her humanitarian work. She said that people she trusts encouraged her to write of her own story since her humanitarian work baffles some people and she felt this was a way to put it out there.