Avatar the even longer version back in cinemas

Film fans that have not yet been out to see Avatar or cannot wait to see it on the big screen again are in luck as the official rerelease date has been set for it come back to theatres- August 27th.

The new version of Avatar will include eight minutes of never before seen footage and an appearance on both Imax and 3-D screens.

Avatar currently holds the record as the top grossing movie of all time having brought in $2.7 million globally and 20th Century Fox has also made it clear that it is the top selling Blu-ray Disc so far as well.

Fox said in a news release that as the result of Avatar’s big December release the amount of 3D screens across the world has increased so that moviegoers that missed the 3D showing the first time around will now be able to capitalize on the rerelease.  It also added that Fox was flooded with results to put the film back in 3D movie theatres.

Cameron was quoted as saying that audiences said they wanted to see more from Pandora and wished that the film would have stayed in the area more so the Special Edition will be available in 3D with more footage showing action scenes and new creatures.

Fox picked a great weekend for the release since the only competition opening this weekend are ‘Going the Distance’ with Justin Long and Drew Barrymore and ‘The Last Exorcism’ which is a horror movie that masquerades as a faux documentary.