Blinkbox DVD and streaming from Tesco

Blinkbox is a movie streaming service that is owned by the supermarket Tesco. They’ve recently started a promotion that if the DVD is bought in store they will also be able to stream is online at no extra charge. This will mean that the DVD can be played on iPads as well as the Xbox 360 without having to use the disk. They’ve also said there will be no limit on the amount of times the movie can be watched and it will never expire.

In order to take advantage of the offer customers must use the Tesco Clubcard and they can then link this into their account on the streaming service. Once they have done this the movie they purchased will appear in their online library and the film can be streamed easily on devices without DVD drives.

Of course, there are certain limitations with the service and not all movies are going to be available to be streamed. At the start date of the service, Transformers 3, Bad Teacher and Cars 2 of some of the movies that are being made available.

The service is working closely with movie studios to make sure that the films can be streamed online at the same day as the DVD release. This carries the great benefit that customers won’t have to wait to stream the movie and they can see it as soon as they have bought the DVD.

Another major disadvantage of the services that it is exclusive to Tesco and many people are wondering why movie studios haven’t capitalised on this idea in the first place. Whatever your opinion though, it is a unique service that provides added value to people buying DVDs. The major advantage is that the movie can be played by any media device connected to the Internet.