Blitz from Jason Statham

By pummeling countless stuntmen to a pulp Jason Statham has made a very successful career as one of cinemas new breed of chiseled action heroes. He was the headliner for the adrenaline laced Transporter and Crank series and used his martial arts skills opposite the likes of old guards Schwarzenegger and Stallone in the flick The Expendables.

In Blitz, an action thriller adapted from Ken Bruen’s novel about a mentally unstable loner who is at war with London’s police, Statham continues his merciless beatings. Elliot Lester’s film, shot on location in London has a bloody and brutal opening with Statham’s cop beating up on three youths with a hurling stick who had with a lack of forethought tried to steal his car.

His role is DS Tom Brant who is always getting into some sort of trouble and often appears in the local paper because of crime reporter Harold Dunlop. He gets threatened with suspension and has to work under DS Porter Nash a newly appointed superior who is openly gay.  While the character of Nash plays by all the rules Brant looks to his former boss for help and advice.