Bourne 4 may happen after all

Universal films is trying to get its Bourne series of films back up and going after loosing Director, Paul Greengrass.  The director is touted with responsibility for the success of The Bourne Ultimatum and The Borne Supremacy, which both did better at the box office than the first film.

Since Greengrass has left the films, with no hope of return, everything has been up in the air.  Things were more complicated by Matt Damon’s statements that he would not make another Bourne film without Greengrass.

Now, however, enters Tony Gilroy.  Gilroy worked on all three Bourne screenplays so far and directed Duplicity and Michael Clayton.  Certainly, he has ideal credentials to fill the vacancy and now that Universal has announced Gilroy as its next Bourne director, we’ll see if Damon will actually refuse to work with him.

It has been hinted that Damon himself could be replaced in the lead role.  Universal is so anxious to get Bourne back on screen that it may consider going the James Bond and Jack Ryan route of switching out lead actors in exchange for concentration on the franchise.  It is possible, as well, for Matt Damon to change his mind.

The original scenario was for Bourne to return in the theatres around summer of 2012.  Given how massive and involved the Bourne productions have been, it seems that timing is now not possible.  It is reported, though, that Gilroy is already in possession of a Bourne 4 screenplay he’s written.  If the screenplay is complete and on hand, it might be possible to move into production swiftly enough to have Bourne back up on the big screen by 2012 after all.