Bourne may have reached the end of the road

The latest film in the Bourne movie series now has a shaky future since its director Paul Greengrass has dropped out of its production after getting into a row over the script of the movie.

Greengrass who directed two of the previous Matt Damon led Bourne films announced yesterday that he will not be behind the next film in the saga.

The movie, which is not yet named, follows Jason Bourne on rogue missions and was supposed to be released in 2011 although this date may now change.

Greengrass denies the rumors that a row caused him to back out, instead claiming that he quit to pursue a new filming challenge although the internet rumors point to a dispute between him and Universal Pictures.

Greengrass’s official statement said that he will not be returning because he wants to pursue a new challenge and that he is not engaged in any type of disagreement with the film studio.

In the statement he also said that it was hard to pass up the opportunity to work on another Bourne film, but that it is the best decision at this time.

Critics of the statement still believe that the real reason Greengrass left is because the studio called in a new screenwriter by the name of Josh Zeturner to produce a new version of the script for the film.

Critics continue to say that Greengrass wanted to work with the screenplay written by George Nolfi.