Brad Pitt to be Moriarty in Holmes sequels?

There is much talk that Brad Pitt has had discussions with the producers of “Holmes”. The highly anticipated, Guy Ritchie directed, movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. is set for theater release on Christmas Day.

Robert Downey, Jr. stars as the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Also starring are Jude Law as Watson, and the beautiful Rachel McAdams as the love interest Irene Adler. Most are expected to return in the sequel, as could director Guy Ritchie.

There is no deal in place for Pitt, whose movie “Inglorious Basterds” was his last hit. If signed he would play Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis.

The movie blog postings are torn on Brad Pitt as Moriarty. Either way there is much buzz on the subject. Other postings and rumors have him in “Holmes” as Moriarty, but those familiar with the script say too many shadows are cast and the character is not recognizable.

As always, Warner Bros. is looking for success with franchises. “Sherlock Holmes” is considered very appealing because of its fan base and numerous amounts of material. There are well over 100 Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories in print.

With this project, Robert Downey, Jr. would become a franchise star. Iron Man and its sequel brought him much success and DreamWorks is looking to build “Cowboys and Aliens”, another franchise, around him.

It is becoming more common for studios to start developing sequels before a movie’s release date. This enables the sequel to be produced faster and cheaper than it would be normally. “The Hangover” started working on a sequel when pre-release buzz was good. However, no contracts were signed until the movie was a box office success.