Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise on this weeks Top Gear

The BBC has confirmed that movie stars Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise will make an appearance this week on Top Gear. The star duo will be in the UK this week to promote their new film Knight and Day, and will participate in the segment of the show entitled ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.’

A statement on the website for Top Gear says that the BBC production has never had two bigger guests to grace its set, and that over the last week the entire office has been alive with anticipation.

The duos film premiers in the UK Thursday night in London.

Knight and Day is about a normal woman (Diaz) who gets mixed up with a lethal secret agent that drags her along on quite an adventure.  In the US the film has fared badly despite its major stars managing to only make £59m so far compared to its budget of £76.5.

Reviews for the film have been mixed with descriptions such as ‘smug, unspecial, and callous’ next to ‘proficient and slick.’