Cameron Diaz is a great Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz is turning out to be a really good Bad Teacher, and she’s been having a lot of fun doing it.  Cameron says her role in the raunchy and irreverent comedy directed by Jake Kasdan is ‘liberating’ and she doesn’t care if some folks don’t like it.

What they may not like is her portrayal of Elizabeth, a seventh grade teacher whose main goals in life seem to be landing a rich husband and cussing at everyone around her.  She gets to swear and behave like a slut and throw insulting remarks with complete abandon.  It’s hardly the teacher image we got from Sidney Poitier or Sandy Dennis.

Far from being dedicated to her young charges, Elizabeth calls them morons, and uses them whenever possible to further her schemes to get the attention of Scott, the substitute teacher who’s actually just ‘slumming’ since he’s heir to a watch fortune.  Justin Timberlake is Scott, putting his comedic talents to work with Cameron in what she says is the perfect match.

In an interview at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where Cameron picked up the award for female star of the year, the 38-year-old actress told reporters that she loved working with her ex, Justin, since he was so right for the part, and she praised her other co-stars Jason Segal and Phyllis Smith to the skies.  As for the ‘bad teacher’ role, Cameron said it was really great to be able to cut loose as a woman who just doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her.

It’s likely that a lot of viewers will also have a lot of fun watching her behave like many of us would love to behave but don’t quite dare.  According to Cameron, that’s probably the whole point.