Catherine Zeta Jones lends her name to Welsh Ryder Cup

A Ryder Cup event in Wales was briefly hosted by Catherine Zeta Jones.  She did not remain for the concert featuring the likes of Katherine Jenkins and Dame Shirley Bassey.  She had to rush back across the Atlantic to stand at the side of her ailing husband, actor Michael Douglas.

Douglas himself had planned to be at the Ryder Cup before falling ill to a cancerous tumour.  Prince Charles, who was also in attendance, asked after the Hollywood star and Catherine Zeta Jones told him that he was doing very well with his treatment.

The Prince urged him to press on and for both of them to keep positive thoughts before the Swansea-born starlet addressed a crowd of over 13,000 people.  Despite all of her recent stress, the actress looked beautiful in a scarlet gown and held herself well before her audience, even though she was definitely affected during her chat about Michael.