Chilean miners fail to escape….. the attention of Hollywood

Grab your hardhat, Steven Spielberg, there’s about to be a catfight over the movie being made about the Chilean miners.  The whole world listened and watched as the 69-day drama unfolded in real life, and the movie will undoubtedly draw everybody back into that dark and dreadful mine.

The immediate contenders for the title of Director of the film are Madonna and Angelina Jolie.  Both are described as “passionate women who will do anything to get ahead in the movie world”, and both have some credentials in the business.

Angelina is currently directing a film set in Budapest during the Bosnian War.  It’s her first effort, and she says, “Don’t judge me before you see the film.”  Madonna, or Madge to insiders, directed the 2008 critical flop ‘Filth and Wisdom’ about London flat mates, and a film about Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson called ‘W. E.’ which is due out later this year.

There’s no question that the ladies are ambitious, determined and supremely self-confident, but the world will most certainly be watching this one, and determination is not all it takes to direct a winner.