Christina Aguilera and Cher in Burlesque

Who would think putting Christina Aguilera and Cher together in a film could ever work, well, surprisingly it does.  The scenario is quite a bit warn; young, talented girl leaves for the big city and her dreams, but the key to making it work here is that it does not handle things too seriously.

Cher is the owner of a small club where Aguliera finds herself drawn to work and the predictability continues from there.  Even though, “Burlesque’” is foreseeable, it’s still a fun flick.

It is a musical, but the musical parts are only done where and when music takes place in real life, on stage, in rehearsals, during practice.  No one unexpectedly bursts into song with no reason.  “Burlesque” retains some believability because it doesn’t handle the music that way.

After a seven-year or so absence from the screen, Cher returns with all of her talent intact.  Her presence on screen is as compelling as on stage or in real life.  She brings vitality and charm to her character and it is good to see that she is onscreen for much of the film.  She sings twice in the film and she performs with all the talent and ability you would expect.

Christina Aguilera also delivers musically.  Her talent, also, is as obvious on film as onstage.  Surprisingly or not, she is also a very capable actress and at times makes what is a recycled role into a decent piece of drama.  You should not be disappointed with her first big movie part.

Stanley Tucci is great in his supporting role and he and Cher have an obvious chemistry that helps make the film seem more realistic.