Cineworld only wants to show teen popcorn fodder

The King’s Speech seems to have disappointed Cineworld even though it was an award winning critical and a huge box office success. It reported flat revenues for the first six months of the year compared to 2010 during the same time period.

The cinema operator said because of the current economic environment it was a credible performance with a less favorable group of films. Mixed in there seems to be King George VI, Colin Firth’s film. Films like the King’s Speech even though they are successful tend to attract an older crowd and on average spend less when it comes time for food and drink.

That is the answer, Cineworld wants more 3D blockbusters for the popcorn munching and coca-cola-guzzling adolescents. Over the last three months there were not many of that type but in the second quarter things did pick up some and even more are lined up like planes waiting to land.

There is Captain America: First Avenger, the Harry Potter and of course Transformers: Dark Side of The Moon. So Cineworld is confident they will meet, for the full year, market expectations. The year, says Evolution Securities’ Nigel Parsons, is going like predicted a slow first quarter followed by a strong second.