Classic Bob Dylan album to be turned into a film

Blood On The Tracks is a 1975 album by Bob Dylan and it has recently been announced that it is going to be turned into a film. The album is always said to have been about the collapse of Bob Dylan’s marriage but the star has said that none of the narratives on the album are autobiographical. The film is going to be produced by a Brazilian company, although it is going to be an English-speaking feature.

The production company is called RT Features and the Chief Executive of this company, Roderigo Teixeira has commented, “This album is one of the greatest musical works in history and we feel it is a great privilege to have the chance to turn this album into a film. We want to work with a film maker who will be able to create a drama with an environment and characters that capture the fantastic emotions of this album.”

There is a current rumour that Bob Dylan is going to be releasing a new studio album. There have been reports that he is currently working on new material in Los Angeles with Jackson Browne, the singer songwriter. It has been three years since Dylan released his last work, a Christmas album.