Cowboys and Aliens, but do they mix

From the time Jon Favreau put on the saddle and rode off to New Mexico last year to film Cowboys and Aliens the genre mix has seemed like it is a film on the edge that could fall for the good or the bad.

It boasts a great title and a cast any director would dream of putting together with the likes of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. And topping that is the creative team of Favreau and Steven Spielberg, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Damon Lindale.

It will be in theaters July 29th and still it sits ready to fall one way or the other one that is not great or is it horrible. There are enough things done right by Favreau in Cowboys & Aliens to given the viewer an enjoyable couple of hours of mindless action but no enough to even get close to his crowd pleaser of 2008 Iron Man.

Seven writers could be one of the problems with one being the writer of the comic book in 2006 that the movies was quite loosely based, three worked on the story and three on the screenplay. Rarely are that many chefs involved in any masterpiece whether it be a culinary one or a cinematic one.

The outcome is a movie that starts and stops and has lost scenes and scenes of brilliance. One that takes too long to get going. In the movies there is a great deal of Craig trying to piece his life together as the friends and foes, humans that is, get together to defend their little dusty area of the universe and save their families.

The outcomes serve both genres but do not excel in either. How said for all the players since some are the finest at what they do in the business.