Dakota Fanning biography

Hannah Dakota Fanning (born February 23, 1994 in Conyers, Georgia) is an American actress.  Fanning has German and Irish roots.  She already showed in her early childhood, so much acting talent that her parents were advised to present her to an artists’ agency.

The family moved to Los Angeles. There, the five year old was hired for a commercial. She appeared in several television series such as Ally McBeal, ER and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas).  In 2001 Fanning managed a lead role in the drama ‘I am Sam’ with Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer. Fanning was nominated for her performance and at that time, was the youngest performer to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

In 2002, Fanning was in the Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi series Taken, appearing in all ten episodes with a supporting role, first as a narrator, and in the second half as an actress.

Fanning’s facial and vocal expressions have made her one of the most popular child stars in Hollywood.  In 2004 Fanning was in Tony Scott’s action film Man on Fire, alongside Denzel Washington, who played her bodyguard.

In 2005 Fanning was in the psychological thriller with horror elements, Hide and Seek, which was nearly a two-character play, in a challenging acting duel with Robert De Niro as her father.  In the same year Fanning acted with Tom Cruise in the apocalyptic blockbuster War of the Worlds and with Kurt Russell in the family-friendly equestrian film Dreamer – A dream come true.  Russell was impressed with Fanning’s acting “… the best actress with whom he has ever worked with.”

In addition to appearances as a performer, Fanning has worked as a voice actor for cartoons, in the sequel to the Disney production Lilo & Stitch (2005) and as older sister Satsuki in the English version of (2005) My Neighbor Totoro.  In the film Hounddog (2007) Fanning played a brutal rape scene, which in the U.S. received harsh criticism.

Especially their parents, who gave the consent to the shooting, they were strongly attacked in public. The young Fanning even understood the excitement, however, and said: “People should prepare their children for the outside world, since everything is not rosy,” and “It’s not really happening, it is a film and it’s called acting!”  Fanning in 2009 played the role of Jane Volturi, a vampire in New Moon.

Filmography (selection)

Roles as actor
2001: Father Xmas
2001: I am Sam
2001: Tomcats
2001: 24 hours anxiety (Trapped)
2002: Sweet Home Alabama
2002: Hansel & Gretel
2002: Taken (TV mini series)
2003: Uptown Girls
2003: Cat in the Hat
2004: Man on Fire
2005: Dreamer – Inspired by a True Story
2005: Hide and Seek
2005: War of the Worlds
2005: Nine Lives
2006: Charlotte’s Web
2007: Hound dog
2007: Cutlass
2008: Hurricane Mary
2008: Winged Creatures
2008: The Secret Life of Bees
2009:  Push
2009: The Twilight Saga: New Moon
2010: The Runaways
2010: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse