Dance double claims Natalie Portman did not dance in Black swan

The claim by a ballet dancer that the Academy Award-winning performance in Black Swan, by Natalie Portman contained only a small proportion of her own dances moves, was denied by a Hollywood studio

Portman’s ballet stand in, Sarah Lane an American Ballet Theatre soloist, says that she is the victim of a cover-up to help Portman’s Oscar chances designed to convince voters the actor, in just a few months, learned to be a professional soloist ballerina.

Studio Fox Searchlight praised Sarah saying they were fortunate to have her to help with the more complicated ballet sequences and all the hard work she performed but most of the dancing in the film was done by Natalie herself.

Lane says that many of the complicated moves were done by her and them Portman’s face was grafted onto her body saying that on full body shots only 5% were Natalie and the rest were her, continuing by saying that they wanted to make Natalie out to be a prodigy and show how she worked so hard in a year to make herself a great ballerina just because of the Oscar.

Further commenting that it is demeaning to her and the profession since she had been doing it for some 22 years and that from a professional dancer’s point Portman does not look like a pro ballet dancer adding that she cannot even dance in pointed shoes and she is very stiff.

These comments followed comments from Banjamin Millepied, the actor’s choreographer partner that said most of vital dance moves were done by Portman. Portman told Entertainment weekly in November that she had attempted as much as possible and has yet to comment on the recent controversy.