Daniel Craig hails 007 as one of his greatest roles

Daniel Craig has recently commented in an interview with Empire magazine that playing James Bond is one of the greatest roles he has ever had. Daniel Craig, who is 44 years old, will soon be appearing in the latest James Bond film which is called Skyfall.

In the interview he commented, “When I am playing James Bond I’m in one mindset and it really allows me to focus on the film. By playing James Bond I want to inspire people and I’m really lucky to be able to work with such an incredible production team.

“There are moments when I was filming this latest instalment of the James Bond franchise that I really realise that this is everything that I wanted in being an actor. When I’m filming I give it my absolute best and at the end of the day’s shooting I’m usually incredibly exhausted.”

The new James Bond film is due out later this year and the director of the production, Sam Mendes has stated that this going to be a lot of new things in this new film. Javier Bardem plays the lead villain in the production and many people are eagerly anticipating his performance in this latest film.