Daniel Craig to star in a further two Bond movies according to reports

A new report has said that Daniel Craig is actually contracted to star in at least 5 films as super spy James Bond. The actor makes his third outing this autumn in Skyfall, so if reports are correct, we shall be seeing picking up his licence to kill at least twice more.

The report has appeared on MI6, the Bond fansite, and it also claims that the studio behind the hugely successful franchise wishes to return to a 2 year cycle, effectively meaning that Craig’s next two 007 films would be released in 2014 and 2016.

If Craig does indeed complete these reported contractual obligations, then he will become the third most prolific actor to play the role of Bond, in the footsteps of Sean Connery and Roger Moore who both played the suave secret agent 7 times each. The report also noted, however, that several times in the past, actors have been released early from their Bond contracts for various reasons.

Skyfall is the 23rd film in the franchise, and is scheduled to be released on the 26th October, and the official trailer has just been released. Judi Dench returns for the 7th time to play M, Bond’s commanding officer and the only woman who gets the better of him. M. Ben Wishaw makes his debut as Q, the gadget guru, and the main villain in the film is played by Javier Bardem.