Date Night is Tina Feys and Steve Carell’s first major movie

Steve Carell is best known for the US version of The Office and the Forty Year Old Virgin.  Tina Fey is best known as the star of the US TV series 3D Rock, and as the spot on impersonator of Sarah Palin.

However, now the comedic power duo are teamed up together in the romantic action comedy ‘Date Night’ taking on the roles of married couple Phil and Claire Foster who regularly head out on romantic dates to escape from the pressures of married life such as children and work stresses.

However, while out on their regular dinner they decide to go wild and steal another couple’s reservations which turns into a comic caper complete with running from criminals after them in a case of mistaken identity, the cops, and even a few car chases.

Although Carrell is known best for a string of quite successful movies, Fey considers herself a writer before an actress with her career actually launching as a sketch writer for Saturday Night Live the US institution.

Fey stated filming ‘Date Night’ was a wonderful break from the writers’ room and said it was a luxury to have a script handed to her that she only had to worry about acting out instead of refining.

Carrell on the other hand stated that it is fun to get a hand in writing and acting and hoped that in the future he will get the chance to toss his own pen into the script.