Dead Winter Horror Convention

There is a special event occurring in London this month which is going to appeal to fans of zombie films. The event is a convention called the Dead Winter Horror Convention and is going to be taking place in mid-February. The organisers have stated that they have already sold 500 tickets in advance and people are going to be coming from the event from as far away as the United States.

The event is being organised by Samantha and Brian Sizemore who have said they have been fans of horror films for as long as they can remember and are looking forward to creating a convention targeted towards like-minded people. The event has been brought to London for the first time and it is expected to draw a whole new crowd of people.

Mrs Sizemore has said, “There are plenty of horror film fans in London and by the event taking place here we are sure to attract a lot of them.” The couple have also stated that they are hoping to boost business in the local area as many people are going to require hotel rooms as well as patronise local restaurants while they attend the convention.

While the topic of the event may be rather gruesome Mrs Sizemore has said that the event is going to be targeted towards families as well and there are certainly no vulgar aspects involved. She said, “There isn’t going to be anything scary at the convention, it’s about horror films, it’s not supposed to be one.”

The idea came to the Sizemore’s two years ago when they were having dinner with friends and they decided to try and put together an event that was going to take place in 2013. They started making a few calls about organising an event but so many people who work in the horror industry came forward that they decided to bring the date of the event forward.

The big breakthrough came when they managed to get sponsorship from the website who helped them secure a great venue for the convention, the Laurel-London Optimist Club. The marketing officer for the sponsoring website has said that the convention is going to allow them to target a new group of people and promote their products.

The company has recently announced that they are opening a retail unit in London in mid-February. The representative commented, “This is the first convention that we are sponsoring and we are delighted to be involved with it and we are hoping it will also bring economic success to the people involved as well as the surrounding area.”

The number of tickets that have already been sold suggest that over 1000 people are going to attend the event which will make it a significant success and is likely to spark interest in future horror conventions. The Sizemore’s said that their interest in horror films is one of the reasons they have enjoyed putting the convention together so much.

Samantha commented, “The whole thing has come together very easily and has been much smoother than I had anticipated.” This is not their day jobs however as  Samantha works in nursing and Brian is a radio show host.

They also run a company called Blue Paranormal which works with residents in the local area to determine whether there are any ghostly phenomena occurring in their homes. Samantha commented, “We hope this will be the first of many annual events that allow people who are interested in horror to celebrate the genre. We both feel this is something that London really needs and we know it will be very well received.”