Deadheads review

The upcoming London Olympic Games are having only minor effects on business operations, a study by the CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) has found. Employers were asked whether they would consider granting worker’s requests to operate with more flexibility to counter the operational and logistical issues posed by the games.

Results from the study confirm nearly 50% of businesses are not considering greater flexibility for employees to take into account transportation issues or to allow staff to watch events while at work.

Employee unions have been urging businesses to take the opportunity during the games to evaluate the way they operate, including investigating practices like working from home or flexible hours to reduce efficiencies and down time in the work place.

Just 30% of businesses expect to consider allowing workers to operate from residences while fewer than 15% will actively encourage flexible working arrangements. The results from the survey indicate employers are not yielding to requests from workers to be judged on output, regardless of where they work from.

If roles are not location orientated, employees want to gain the trust of employers to work in different locations where they can safely access computer networks and work from a home environment.