Death at a Funeral review

The new ‘Death at a Funeral’ remake that was released this past weekend was able to deliver a constant stream of drama mixed with laughs.  The star studded cast that includes Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, and Martin Lawrence performed as expected at the box office.

It also offered plenty of supporting stars that helped keep the laughs strong without any lulls due to the talent of Ron Glass, Regina Hall, Danny Glover, Zoe Saldana, and Luke Wilson.

The plot of ‘Death at a Funeral’ focuses on a family that is gathered at a funeral for their father that slowly turns into a circus.   Rock plays Aaron, the older brother who typically takes the lead in the family, and Martin Lawrence as Ryan who is the second oldest son and is a writer hiding his debt.

Everything is proceeding as you would expect at a funeral until it turns out that Elaine (played by Zoe Saldana) accidently gives her boyfriend acid pills causing him to knock over the coffin.

Add the fact that a midget shows up played by Peter Dinklage who wants $30,000 or he will tell everyone his father is gay and the drama that comes after this and you get a popcorn bucket stuffed with laughs up until the end.

The cast all interacted well with each other to create laughs that were completely natural and even without comparing the film to its original counterpart it gave the audience plenty of what they wanted along with plenty of additional titbits.