Demi Moore joins Lovelace cast

Lovelace is a film about porn star Linda Lovelace, and the latest name to be attached to the project is Demi Moore. The film is currently being shot in Los Angeles and Amanda Seyfried is in the lead role. Demi Moore has recently made headlines in the celebrity world after splitting up with Ashton Kutcher. The Hollywood Reporter has recently claimed that Moore is to play Gloria Steinem, a renowned feminist, in the film.

Demi Moore, who is 49 years old, is joining the cast which also features James Franco who is playing the role of Hugh Hefner. Lindsay Lohan was originally cast to play Linda Lovelace but her continuing legal problems have meant that she has been expelled from the film.

Linda Lovelace was most famous for her role in the hard-core porn film Deep Throat which was released in 1972, this is widely regarded as the first pornographic film to have a plot. She later claimed, after the film was released, that she was forced into it by her husband of the time, Chuck Traynor, who she claimed held her at gunpoint and said he would shoot if she did not act in the film.

Ms Seyfried has commented about her role in the film, “it’s quite a terrifying role to fill as Linda Lovelace had a reputation for the extreme. I do get certain liberties in the production but there is not much room for changing things as the film is historically accurate.” Those who’ve seen the filming have said that Seyfried is almost unrecognisable in the role as she is wearing a brown wig.

The role of James Franco as Hugh Hefner has been reported by Variety magazine which said that it will be a cameo role for the scene when Lovelace visits the Playboy Mansion.