Diana film biography will surprise quite a few people

You may not learn a lot from Oliver Hirschbiegel’s new biographical film about the Princes of Wales however, “Diana” is a success considering it gives us an opportunity to remember the indignities that this unlucky lady had to go through.

Instead of the film giving us the portrait of a complex, well informed and compassionate woman with several millions at her disposal, the film makers turned her into a love-struck airhead, and a giggling schoolgirl who did not have any kind of inner life. Tori Spelling would have even played this other version of Diana in her lifetime.

Naomi Watts seemed to have been very prepared to play the role of Diana. The result of these preparations is a picture of Diana that has been able to come out because of the makeup, careful selection of wigs, vocal tics and head tilts. The focus of the film is on Diana’s romance with Hasnat Khan the heart surgeon. This is adapted from the book “Diana: Her Last Love” by Kate Snell.

The biopic was able to have a compelling viewing because of the notion of a private physician being loved by a stunning royal superstar. As depicted in the film, Diana had to use disguises and even hide in car trunks in order to charm the surgeon’s unimpressed mother.

However, their relationship is quite weak such that they turn Diana into a nobody. The actors even have no chemistry with Khan appearing arrogant and selfish while Diana being superficial and dull.

The film has depicted Diana like a mother who is not concerned about her children as she barely sees them. According to the film, Diana only had one girlfriend, and she spends her time moping alone. It is quite interesting that Diana was able to walk the streets alone without any security or onlookers bothering her.