DiCaprio takes on John F. Kennedy

Leonardo DiCaprio is hard at work on many fronts, but maybe the most challenging is his new movie about the assassination, in November of 1963, of President John F. Kennedy.  DiCaprio will be producing the film and he will also have a starring role as an undercover FBI agent, Van Laningham, who supposedly heard a Mafia boss confessing that he, i.e. the Mafia, ordered JFK’s murder.

The film’s storyline is based on the book written by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, ‘The Legacy of Secrecy:  The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination’ published in 2008.  The book contains information from files that had been classified and untouchable for many years, and follows an unfolding drama of plots, plans and cover-ups that went on for decades and may still be going on, for that matter.

Agent Laningham, as the book details, managed to become a confidante of Carlos Marcello, a Mafia godfather who ruled organized crime in Louisiana and Texas for what appears to be decades.  In the aftermath of the assassination there were and are a number of theories circulating as to the real motives and possible plots behind it, but this book and the upcoming movie provide some fascinating and frightening insights.

Whether the movie will concentrate on the investigation of the Mafia’s involvement or on another aspect of the whole scenario is not yet clear, as the film will be in production for another two years at least.  The rumour is that DiCaprio is aiming for a release date of November 2013, around the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death.  However it turns out, the film promises to be a thriller, but certainly not in the ‘cheap thrills’ category; the plot is alarmingly real.