Director wants Anne Hathaway to star in new Catwoman film

Christopher Nolan thinks that Anne Hathaway ought to get a chance to shine on her own in a Catwoman flick. Hathaway plays Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises and the director of the film had nothing but positive praise for her performance. He stated that she is intense and precise about reaching the roots of her character, and it is delightful to watch her in the film.

Nolan said that she has taken the role of Catwoman, AKA Selina Kyle, from the ground up and it is amazing what she is still able to do in heels. He added that Hathaway ought to be given her own film as the lead because she is so mesmerizing to watch. The Dark Knight will be the first appearance of Catwoman in the Nolan Batman franchise and will be the first time that Catwoman appears at all in any Batman franchise since 1992.