Disney Boss says film industry has to change

Hollywood could use an intervention according to Robert Iger, the Disney Boss.  Throughout movie history there have been many studio bosses take a step back and tell Hollywood how bad it really is.

One of the most noticeable lectures was found in the infamous Katzenberg memo in which Jeffrey Katzenberg wrote in 1991 that Hollywood needed to lower costs and that in general anyone who had character in the world of Hollywood, needed to step up and tell the mobs that too much money is being spent.

Although this did not have much impact, Robert Iger is hoping to be the next in the line of “great character” stating that the business model for Hollywood is changing and that if the industry does not respond to change, the institution known as Hollywood will cease to exist.

In order to do this, Iger stated that executives need to take a second look at the high costs that are associated with producing movies, and marketing movies.  He continued to say that the only solution will take some real risks, and invest in research and development.

In the next month Disney will take its first stance by releasing Keychest, which is a new technology that will let digital films be stored remotely, moved across platforms, and allow viewing of movies across platforms.  Some of these platforms are games consoles like the Microsoft Xbox and smartphones.

Those outside of Hollywood see these new claims as ridiculous, given that Tinseltown is known for extravagance.  After all, there are plenty of jobs in which excess is part of the job description.  When all is said and done the reason people go to the movies is for the excess that allows them to escape from reality.