Doctor Who movie may happen

Many people were excited to hear about the prospect of a Doctor Who movie being created. Early rumours suggested that the same director responsible for Harry Potter, David Yates, would be tackling the film however, it seems that the movie is nothing more than a rumour for the time being.

Yates has recently commented about a possible adaptation of the TV series into a movie, “this is not something we’re looking at doing immediately, it’s going to be a radical transformation to take it from the small screen to the big screen and we need time if we are going to do it right. We are currently looking at writers but it probably is not going to be hitting the big screen for another two or three years.”

This seems to suggest that there will be a Doctor Who movie eventually made however,  but Stephen Moffat, who recently created the Tintin movie has said that Yates is incorrect and there will be no Doctor Who movie. He has recently said, “David Yates is a great director, but the comments he has made recently are simply not true, there is no Doctor Who movie currently in the works.”

Moffat even went on to comment that Doctor Who is such a huge international audience that not even Hollywood can begin to compete with it, which many would regard as quite a stretch.

He continued, “If we do create a Doctor Who movie it is going to need to feature the current Doctor Who on television and we are working closely with the BBC to make sure that the movie is something that the international audience will receive well, we want to create a movie that everyone likes.” Audiences might be asking for a Doctor Who movie but it seems as if the producers are willing to wait until it’s done right.