Eastwood and Damon to shoot in London

The latest film by Clint Eastwood, Hereafter, will feature a few scenes that will soon be shot in the UK. The upcoming shoots will be the first time that Eastwood has shot in the Britain since 1989 when he shot scenes for White Hunter, Black Heart at Pinewood Studios.

Hereafter is a thriller written by Peter Morgan who also wrote The Queen and Frost/Nixon. It will star Matt Damon in the title role as a psychic who does not want to recognize his unique gift.

Production began in France a few days ago, after which it will move to London, where they will shoot scenes in one of the less desirable areas of Elephant and Castle, and then they will move on to Hawaii.

The Eastwood thriller tells the stories of three people in a circular storyline. Outside of Damon’s role as a person who can communicate with the dead although he would rather not, the plot also focuses on a TV Journalist from France who has a near death experience during the 2004 tsunami and a mother who is addicted to drugs and loses a twin child in a car accident.

Both of the later two characters come to Damon for help and consolation in their time of need