Easy A review, trailer

Easy A offers some of the quick sarcastic quips featured in ‘His Girl Friday’ thought this time the inspiration seems to be an odd mix of the humour of Nathaniel Hawthorne and John Hughes.

The film centres on Olive Penderghast, played by Emma Stone, who is a smart, beautiful, and witty high school teen that frequently talks way above the average teen level.  The story begins with Olive talking through the webcam in her computer stating that the rumours about her supposed promiscuity are largely exaggerated.

Her narrative continues to run through the plot line of the film as she gains notoriety after lying to her best friend that she lost her virginity which earns her a rep for being ‘easy.’  The rumour of course is spread by the overtly religious Marianne, played by Amanda Bynes, that is her usual perky blonde self.

Olive is not too concerned about the rumours given that she was not well known before and given the fact that she only pretended to have sex with her gay friend in order to help him get away from the bullies.

Soon more kids searching for an image boost request her ‘services’ and before you know it even her friends have turned against her.  In return Olive starts wearing an ‘A’ on her clothing much like in Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’ which fittingly is taught to her by Thomas Haden Church who plays the world best high school teacher.