Elizabeth Taylor Hollywood legend dies

Throughout almost eight full decades Elizabeth Taylor looked death directly in the eye and continued to move forward to tell her story but this week the story finally came to an end as she was pronounced dead of heart failure at a Los Angeles hospital.

Taylor was reported to have passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre with all four children at her bed side tossing millions of fans instantly into mourning.  The actress who has been referred to as the last movie goddess left from the good ‘ol days of Hollywood was admitted into the hospital six weeks ago after a massive weight loss that put an enormous amount of strain on her heart.

A close friend said that while she was tiny at the end (she was reported to weigh less than 98lb), she was fighting to live and felt that she had plenty to keep fighting for.  However, the friend added that at the end she was satisfied with the life she led and happy to be with her family.

The publicist for the megastar said that she died in peace with all four of her children present.

Son Michael Wilding stated that Taylor was an amazing woman who knew how to live life to the fullest filled with love, humour, and passion.  He added that the world is simply better because his mother was a part of it.  He also went n to say that her family is proud of the work she did both in film and in the business world and in particular because of her brave work fighting against HIV/AIDs.