Emma Watson, young, sexy, and now very wealthy

Emma Watson recently spoke of her surprise at learning how much money she was worth.  She said that she and her father had their first serious adult conversation about her earnings from the Harry Potter movies when she was around 17 or 18 years old.

She hadn’t thought much about her money situation, other than her £50 weekly allowance, up until then.  She describes being emotional and feeling sick when she eventually realized how much her part as Hermione had earned her.

She admits to hardly touching her reported £20 million fortune and living in student housing while attending Brown University in the U.S.  It appears this is part of her characteristic self-control.

It is this same will power that keeps her from reading her own press.  She explains its importance in admitting that she is quite critical of herself and that reading tabloids can become like a drug, so she resists.